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The Alagiri Immigration Law Firm in Redwood City has built a reputation for being able to successfully navigate even the most complex of immigration cases. Whether you want to stay in the United States for gainful employment or to start a family, we have the experience and insight needed to manage the case from start to finish. Your goals become ours when you have our legal team by your side.

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What Sort of Immigration Case Do You Have?

Immigration law is notorious for its complications, roadblocks, and intense regulations. In the current sociopolitical climate, immigration law is constantly changing or under scrutiny. Staying atop the legalities is not something you can reasonably do while you are also trying to lead your life. Before you begin your immigration case or process, come to our Redwood City immigration law firm for all the legal counsel and support you require.

A few of the most common immigration cases we see at our law firm include:

Our law firm is capable of taking care of each step in your immigration case, beginning with discussing your objectives and reviewing your options. Next, we can fill out and file paperwork and applications, such as DACA applications or those for reentry permits. If your case becomes complicated, then you know you can also depend on us to be there for you as well. No matter what it takes to succeed on your behalf, we will put in the extra effort to make that happen.

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