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The Alagiri Immigration Law Firm is fortunate to have many past clients give us positive feedback about our immigration attorney services. Some of our positive reviews appear below. Please keep in mind that the success of any legal matter depends on the unique circumstances of each case: we cannot guarantee particular results for future clients based on successes we have achieved in past legal matters.

Immigration issues are always a cause of great stress – they really do take a toll on you and if you don’t have the right guidance or representation, you’re in big trouble.  As I was attorney shopping for my permanent resident application, I was very lucky to have bumped into Priya’s website.  The initial consultation, which was extremely professional and helpful, led me to retain the services of her firm.  Ever since then, I have received exemplary service with all my questions/ doubts being clarified and answered very promptly, documents being filed in an extremely timely fashion, appropriate guidance given and a meticulous and objective approach taken on my case. I felt safe that my case was being handled well.  The quality of work, timely replies and excellent communication is what makes Priya stand out from the rest.  I would strongly recommend Priya to anyone for any immigration issues.

– Aditi V.

I worked with Priya to help with employee immigration issues. She was extremely effective in resolving all issues and providing workable, legal solutions to integrate employees as quickly as possible. She was also great at communicating with employees directly throughout the process.

– Billy A.

I’ve worked with several immigration attorneys since arriving in the U.S. and consider Priya to be the best.  Before I knew it, my application had been processed and approved.  It was an effortless experience where I was informed every step of the way.  I would certainly recommend Priya to my friends and colleagues.

– Ahmed H.

We have known Priya Alagiri for over three years now since applying for our green card under EB2 category and subsequent H1B extensions. We have found her to be extremely thorough in her work and a consummate professional. She is very accessible and highly prompt in replying to our questions and concerns via email as well as on the phone. I would definitely recommend her expertise for all immigration related legal matters.

– Sejal S.

We hired Priya to help us with the immigration process for a potential employee. She gave us practical guidance and made the process quick and painless. We will be using her for all our immigration needs going forward.

– Raj J.

I work with many immigration lawyers in my profession, and consider Priya to be one of the best.  She is honest, knowledgeable and invests a lot of time into her cases.   I strongly recommend her.

– Nara H.

Priya is a very good and knowledgeable immigration attorney. I am extremely satisfied with the immigration services she has provided.  Good qualities: 1) Very Professional; 2) Has good knowledge about the immigration laws; 3) Fast and Efficient; and 4) Fair Pricing.  I highly recommend Priya for immigration related services.

– Pratik K.

I’ve dealt with several immigration attorney’s on my H1 visa over the past 2 years.  Priya is the best attorney so far! She is very fast and efficient.  Also she is quite responsive and never lets you wait for a few days like other attorneys did.  I highly recommend her. Trust me sometime attorneys can give you lots of pain, but definitely not Priya.

– Di Y.

I worked with Priya at my company for immigration issues. She provided workable, legal solutions to onboard employees by explaining and managing all the proper options available. She was able to communicate effectively across the organization during the process. She continues to handle multiple cases for us. I rank her high with regard to her immigration knowledge, professionalism and integrity.

– Joanna L.

Priya did an excellent job for me. She helped me get an H1B visa for one of my employees — an engineer at my small software development firm. The rate we paid Priya was fair and the work was good. We got the H1B visa on the first try. I would recommend Priya to anyone trying to get an H1B.

– Zach B.

Priya is a wonderful attorney to work with. She is quick to respond to your questions and concerns. She is professional and experienced. Most importantly, she is a great person at heart. From my experience, some attorneys see your case as a mere “business.” However, you can trust Priya to look out for your best interest. I definitely recommend her for any immigration related issue.

– R.O.

I had a family emergency back home over the weekend and needed an immediate legal advice re: a travel permit. I contacted a lot of attorneys in Bay Area but Priya turned out to be the best: 1) Priya responded to my email inquiry right away although it was Saturday; 2) She gave advice freely, without reservation; 3) Her advice was accurate and easy to follow (i.e. I did what she suggested and I had the permit Monday morning); 4) Priya offered the simplest and the least expensive option to solve the problem (In this case, I didn’t have to pay anything). She did not take advantage of my crisis just to make money. I know this because one place I contacted offered a solution but it would have cost over $1000 and the process would have taken much longer. At another office, the receptionist told me that “it would cost $100/hr for an office consultation, $150/hr for a phone consultation” and “she (the attorney) would not even talk to you unless you have an appointment.” Priya is honest, ethical, and has a good heart AND she is a splendid attorney. I would recommend her to any of my friends if they need immigration related services.

– S.W.

I chose to work with Priya and the Alagiri Law Firm in San Mateo, even though my goal was moving from Europe to the East Coast on an H1B visa. The reason why? After a thorough screening and hours spent on the phone with small and large law firms in NY and NJ – and Priya as the only outsider, my employer and I felt comfortable that Priya was the one who would best be able to meet our needs. She was responsive, professional, fairly priced, had extensive experience – and very important to us: extensive experience in getting H1Bs for start-up businesses. We only signed the Retainer Agreement with Priya late April – basically after the H1B application window had opened – so we were very much running against the clock. Priya showed to be extremely professional and efficient – and had a great quality that every experienced consultant should possess: she listened to all our inputs, but being the expert she sometimes overruled all our “great suggestions” and did things the way she knew would work best! In the end her tactics were successful and I got my H1B! I would recommend the Alagiri Law Firm to anyone with absolutely no hesitation.

– Christian B.

These guys are amazing! They got my H1B case approved without RFEs or delays, because they knew exactly what documentation was needed. I would definitely work with them again on any future immigration cases.

– Bellajdel A.

Great lawyer to work with, especially for startups & small businesses.

– Very Systematic and procedural
– Understand the situation of a small startup company and works accordingly.

I wish her all the best and look forward to working with her again in future.

– Moorthy S.

I would like to let you know that my Mom has formally taken the citizenship oath on Tuesday and became a us citizen. Thank you for all your help, Job well done.

– George D.

My wife and I would highly recommend Priya as she was absolutely terrific to work with, had a very helpful first consultation, and was upfront and knowledgeable throughout our immigration process. We had consulted to other local firms, but Priya stood above and beyond by comparison. In a very short time we were able to secure all 3 green cards, and work visas!

– Jim M.

My wife and I had a great experience with Priya. As you can imagine, we had hundreds of questions concerning the Visas and the work permits, and Priya was always helpful and reactive. We would highly recommend her to anyone going through the immigration process.

– Vincent C.

With full respect to this Law Firm, I’m writing this review. Without their professional and effective work, I cannot get my H1b visa approved. Especially after I received a notice of RFE( request foe evidence), they helped to file everything to get me approved. Thanks a lot!

– Bin M.

Priya has been great to work with. She takes the time and effort to respond to all the questions i had and she was very prompt with the responses. I would recommend the Alagiri Law firm for immigration services and i hope to work with them again.

– Bharath U.

Priya has been amazingly professional, knowledgeable, and efficient. Before hiring Priya, I made an appointment with 3 lawyers and I did not like them, I just felt I could not trust them, and also their services were kind of expensive. Once I met Priya, I knew I could trust her, and her services are fairly priced I am very happy with the outcome. If you need an immigration attorney, I recommend Priya, she is great!!!!

– Idalia C.

I usually don’t Yelp in general, especially about lawyers. But I felt compelled to write a little something here if I can be of service to anyone else looking for a lawyer in this complex area of immigration. Ms. Alagiri was responsive, professional, helpful and really put me at ease during a challenging time in my life. I would recommend her services without question and will be letting others know of this unique place should they have concerns or questions regarding the immigration process.

– Charley B.

Priya is an exceptional attorney. I’ve been working with her for nearly two years for our company’s immigration needs and have found Priya to be exceptionally good at what she does. She is empathetic and patient, making your feel heard; she is knowledgeable and passionate about her work, instilling confidence that you are in right hands; she’s thorough and detail oriented, giving you peace of mind that no balls will be dropped. I admire her sharp focus and clarity on what is in best interests of her client. She would not make any false claims or promises to “sell you”, but giving you a transparent and honest picture try her best to achieve the best possible outcomes for you. There’s a general goodness you sense with Priya, which makes it easy to trust her, and she returns this trust with honesty, ethics and goodness. I’m delighted with her services, and continue to have her as our immigration attorney. Highly recommended!

– Mandeep S.

I recently received my green-card. All thanks to Priya’s professional assistance, the whole process was relatively smooth. I would definitely recommend her to anyone who needs immigration services.

– Will W.

Priya is very knowledgeable and professional. She gave us good answers to all the questions we had when we first met her and fair pricing to review our case. The application was approved without a hitch.

– Alex C.

While searching for a good immigration lawyer for my family’s immigration application, we came across Alagiri law firm on the internet and decided to go with them. We got to speak with Priya and she put us through what to do. She guided us through a very well detailed documentation process and now we got our application approved. We will use Priya for other immigration concerns and we recommend her 100% to anyone looking for the right immigration lawyer.

– Adeola A.

Priya was Appurify’s immigration attorney and she did a fantastic job – we worked with her on more than 2 new H1B applications and 5 H1B transfers, and she always provided prompt, effective service. In a start-up, we’re looking for folks to work with who are experts in their field, fast and efficient, and cost effective, and Priya was all of these and more. After going through the first application with her, we were on auto-pilot for the remaining applications – I’d email her, she’d respond promptly, and everything else was taken care of – a start-up’s dream! I’d recommend her highly to anyone looking for help with US immigration matters!

– Jay S.

We hired Priya to complete the H1B Visa application for a candidate from Denmark. Priya exhibited not only a great depth of knowledge and certainty on completing the application, but also in indicating the proper attributes of the position, category and market comparisons that would result in approval. Priya was very proactive throughout the process and showed a great deal of availability and interest in supporting our application. She managed everything flawlessly and we were successful. We are a new start-up consulting firm, so it was very important to engage the Alagiri law firm. Priya has a great deal of expertise in supporting small companies in the H1B process and achieving outstanding results. I highly recommend her!

– John K.

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