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First Month in Office - Biden's Immigration Changes

Below are some of the changes President Biden implemented in his first month in office:

  • Ended a 10-month ban on family-based immigration to the U.S., which included U.S. Citizens bringing their parents to the U.S.
  • Issued an Executive Order requiring immigration agencies to conduct a full review of recent regulations, polices and guidance that have created barriers to legal immigration and naturalization, including the USCIS fee rule, public charge, and health insurance proclamations.
  • Delayed a Trump rule giving preference to H-1B Cap petitions which paid the highest wages to H-1B visa applicants and revoked Trump's "Hire American" Executive Order.
  • Issued a memorandum to take all actions to preserve and fortify DACA.
  • Updated policy guidance in order to simplify the Civics education requirement for Naturalization applicants.