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Immigration Policy Changes and Big Court Wins from 2020

There were over 100 immigration policy changes in the last four years. However, we end 2020 with several recent significant immigration wins from the Courts:

  • USCIS Fee Increase – a Federal District Court struck down USCIS’ rule to increase application filing fees, which would have raised application fees by a weighted average of 20%.
  • Public Charge – a Federal Appeals Court struck down in 18 states the Public Charge rule, which requires green card applicants to prove financial self-sufficiency and disclose such things as assets, debts, and credit scores on their green card applications. We are waiting for further guidance from USCIS on how this court decision will be implemented.
  • H-1B Wages – a Federal District Court struck down a rule dramatically increasing the wages paid to H-1B workers, which would have made it near impossible for businesses to continue to employ them. The law had raised these wages by at least 40-70% across the board.
  • DACA – a Federal District Court ordered that USCIS must restore the original DACA program. Beginning December 4th, first-time DACA requests must be accepted and processed.

We are looking forward to better days ahead in 2021.

Happy Holidays and Stay Safe!