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Trump Administration Wants to Deny Your Visa If You Can’t Afford Health Care

As we have discussed in some of our previous blogs, the Trump administration has taken sweeping steps throughout the President’s tenure to crackdown on legal immigration. In its latest effort, the Trump administration plans to reject visa applications of immigrants who can’t prove they can afford to pay for health insurance in the United States. This new requirement is expected to officially go into effect on November 3rd.

Under the President’s proclamation, immigration officials have been ordered to only accept visa petitions if the applicants are able to establish they have the financial means to obtain health insurance within a month of arriving in the U.S. Applicants can also prove they have enough money to cover "reasonably foreseeable medical costs" if they don’t want to purchase health insurance. However, the standard for “reasonably foreseeable medical costs" is not clearly defined in the proclamation.

Immigrants who fall into the following categories will not be impacted by the new health care requirement:

  • Asylum seekers
  • People who already have immigrant visas
  • Children of U.S. citizens who live overseas
  • Iraqi and Afghan nationals who hold special visas for assisting U.S. forces

According to estimates from the Migration Policy Institute, Trump’s proclamation can potentially result in denials of 375,000 applications each year.

Luckily, advocacy groups and legal organizations have come together to challenge the proclamation. The American Immigration Lawyers Association, Innovation Law Lab, and the Justice Action Center have filed a formal complaint asking the U.S. District Court in Oregon to block the President’s latest policy orders.

Speaking about whether the complaint is likely to succeed, Doug Rand, a former Obama White House official, said, "It's pretty clear just from the text of the proclamation that it is highly vulnerable. It was clearly written in haste and without an immense amount for interagency consultation.”

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