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What happens when I get laid off while I am on an H1-B visa? I have an H1-B visa and I am working full time. What happens if I get laid off one fine day? Do I need to go back to my country immediately? Or can I get status for a time frame to search for job

If you lost your job while on an H1B visa, you would technically be out of visa status. However, many H1B visa holders lose their jobs and stay here until they find their next job. Depending on how much time has passed between jobs, the H1B petition filed by the next employer will either be approved as a transfer or for consular processing (in which case, the H1B employee would have to leave the U.S. and go to a consulate for stamping). There’s no hard rule, but I would say a month between jobs might be ok for a transfer to be approved (although USCIS is getting much more strict on this). Keep in mind that USCIS asks for pay stubs from the previous employer to prove that the H1B employee has been in continuous status. If you lose your job as an H1B visa holder, then I recommend you speak to an immigration lawyer to avoid serious immigration consequences. For example, no matter what, it is important not to overstay the expiry date on your current I-94 card.